what to expect

Sessions are generally at the same time, and on the same day each week.


I offer open ended long-term psychotherapy. I also offer time-limited therapy which is typically 12 sessions.

Your sessions are private and confidential. It is a safe place for you to talk, and for us to examine your problems within a professional therapeutic setting.


Counselling or Therapy? 

Counselling often focuses on one particular issue that you are finding difficult. It is shorter term work.

Psychotherapy is generally longer term work where we try to examine your ways of thinking and feeling, with a view to understanding you at a greater depth. 

What to do next:

Please feel free to send me a brief message. All communication is strictly private and confidential.


Once you have made contact, I recommend an initial consultation. This session gives us a chance to meet and consider working together, and to explore whether therapy feels like the right route for you.